Twisty Little Passages

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Twisty Little Passages is 75% funded! Puzzle 1-2 (Underground Caverns) unlocked!
almost 2 years ago – Sun, May 19, 2019 at 01:42:42 AM

Welcome, red warrior!

We passed the 75% funded milestone today!  I'm excited to be at this point and wish to thank you once again for backing Twisty Little Passages, supporting the campaign, and sharing it with someone who might be interested in it.  It's that word of mouth that makes Kickstarters really move and can help us reach those stretch goals that get you a better finished product.

To commemorate the occasion, I'm celebrating by unlocking the second demo puzzle on the campaign page (1-2, Underground Caverns).  It's a combat tutorial to help you ease in to fighting baddies and learn how to choose when to fight and when to heal up.  If you haven't seen it played or tried it yet, I invite you to scroll down the main page and take a look.  For those that found puzzle 1-1 very simple and easy, you will see that 1-2 is still rather easy, but it starts expecting you to pay attention to a few more things, make more choices and think ahead a bit.  This is only a taste of things to come!

Puzzle 1-2 features some slime monsters for you to fight.  In a comment, share what your favorite slime monsters are from games you have played!

Twisty Little Passages is 70% funded! Bonus puzzle #1 feedback.
almost 2 years ago – Fri, May 17, 2019 at 12:13:12 AM


The TLP campaign has seen steady progress since launch.  On the third day, TLP has reached 70% funded.  A big thank you for supporting the campaign!

Flash funding status

The first flash funding goal was met just in time in the first twenty-four hours of the campaign.

Though the second flash goal of thicker paper was not met in time, fear not, brave adventurer! You may choose to revive it by voting for adding it as an additional stretch goal once the campaign hits its 100% funding goal.

Sharing TLP with someone who enjoys puzzle games, dungeon crawls or mazes is a good way to help TLP move toward funding and the first stretch goal.

First stretch goal poll results

Today, over 100 individuals have spoken as to what they'd like to see featured in a bonus puzzle.

For bonus level #1, the choice of adding a new puzzle featuring a unique special item is currently in the lead, closely trailed by an area topology puzzle.  I believe these two have been switching off for first place, so if you haven't voted, you have the potential to champion a new leader.

The three most popular locales are forest, fortress and jungle.  We will definitely be featuring these!

And there are many great ideas for a level boss, including dragons, giants, yetis, and some rather creative suggestions like a Rumplestiltskin-type character, a goblin trickster, and an evil barracks chef (at least, I assume they'd be evil...or at least really surly, I guess).  There are already too many interesting ideas to list them all here, so please don't be upset if I didn't list something you shared, because this is just a very small sampling.  I liked so much of what you've listed. Please go check out the results to see for yourself what others have suggested!

Taking the top choices into consideration, I've come up with an idea for a brand new puzzle. It will feature some magical ingredients that you can acquire, which you can either use immediately to boost your stats in various ways or you can save and combine them in various combinations for more potent effects.  Looking forward to hitting that first stretch goal so I can flesh out this puzzle!

If you haven't voted yet, please share your ideas.  Your input is the spark of creativity!

Twisty Little Passages - Working toward the second flash funding goal and bonus puzzle #1 survey
almost 2 years ago – Thu, May 16, 2019 at 01:28:34 AM

Hi, there!

I'm grateful for the interactions I've had with you and others in the community over the past couple days since our campaign launched.  I appreciate the feedback you've provided and I'm working toward providing options for everyone interested in the campaign to feel good about backing. Many of you have been socializing the campaign to share Twisty Little Passages with play groups, friends and family.  Thank you!

Together, we hit the first flash funding goal for Twisty Little Passages to include a bonus world map in the book, which will add a beautifully illustrated depiction of Ren's land and the Darklands, as well as providing nice additional flavor to the fantasy story experience.

The first stretch goal of adding a bonus puzzle when the campaign reaches $25K was revealed and we've made steady progress in that direction throughout the second day.

Twisty Little Passages has reached 65% funded at $12,400 and there are nine hours to go to reach our second flash funding goal of $18,800, which if achieved will upgrade the pages in the book to sturdy card stock for extra durability.

As the campaign progresses, I'll be serving up some backer-only surveys to support backer involvement in directing the creation of additional bonus content as it is unlocked.  While I acknowledge that having open surveys that the entire world can participate in can be a good way to promote outside involvement in the campaign, I feel it's only fair for backers likewise to be supported in their collaboration on a brand new creation.  So expect to see some backer-only options going forward in the name of bringing you, as a backer, those things you're especially looking for in TLP.

But for now, here's a freebie that everyone can join in on to steer the content going into the first bonus puzzle once that stretch goal is unlocked:

Survey - Bonus Puzzle #1

Thanks again for your interest in and support of Twisty Little Passages.  It's gonna be great!

First Flash Funding Goal Hit! Vote on first stretch goal for Twisty Little Passages!
almost 2 years ago – Wed, May 15, 2019 at 03:10:32 PM

We've just entered Day 2 and I'm pleased to announce that we achieved the first flash funding goal with about 30 minutes to spare. A world map will now be included in Twisty Little Passages!  I'm super excited to include this bonus in the book.  Congratulations!  This was an amazing group effort.

First Stretch Goal on the horizon

Now that the campaign is over 50% funded, I'd like to receive your input on setting the first stretch goal!  I have multiple ideas, but first and foremost I'm interested in providing more of what you want.

I welcome your input. Please go here to vote for your preferred stretch goal for TLP:

Stretch goal #1 poll

I'll be revealing the first stretch goal in a few hours after considering your feedback.

Thank you!


Good Start to Day 1 of Twisty Little Passages!
almost 2 years ago – Wed, May 15, 2019 at 02:21:37 AM

A big thanks go to the 230+ backers who have pledged to TLP on Day 1!

On my part, it's been a lot of fun getting to talk to you and share more broadly what we've been working on for so long.  Thanks for sharing your feedback on the project to make it excellent. There are a few things that were asked about that I'm still working on and plan to provide a response for soon.

Campaign Status Update

As of this point, we're 40% of the way to funding TLP, which is a solid start.  I very much appreciate your support in backing the campaign so Twisty Little Passages can become reality.

We're also 80% of the way to meeting the first flash funding goal of adding a bonus WORLD MAP to the book.  As of this moment, there are just over six hours left to hit the flash goal of $9400, and it's going to be close, but there's a decent chance we'll make it! We've placed some fun world maps in some of our other games and I would love to be able to create one for TLP.

* Not representative of the actual map of the Twisty Little Passages world
* Not representative of the actual map of the Twisty Little Passages world

Time for me to head off to sleep now, and I'll see you in the morning.

Tomorrow, we'll see whether we hit our flash goal and once the campaign is half-funded, the first stretch goal will be revealed.  I'll be preparing a poll so you, as a backer, can vote on what you'd like that first stretch goal to be!

    Best wishes,