Twisty Little Passages

Created by Caravel Games

Order copies of Twisty Little Passages, plus digital add-ons. UPDATE: Physical copies are no longer available for purchase. The digital version for print-and-play is still available to order.

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Twisty Little Passage - Final Project Updates
almost 4 years ago – Fri, Aug 07, 2020 at 08:21:59 PM


I have what may be the final update to present on our Twisty Little Passages campaign, which has now come to a close.  Of course, if I have future news to share on TLP (or maybe a sequel!), I'll publish them here.

Backer Reward Delivery

A big "thank you" to all who have helped track deliveries of TLP throughout the globe.  All orders should have been shipped out and received by now.  Hoping you like the game and have been enjoying it!  Thank you one last time for your support and enthusiasm for our game!

If you, as a backer, have not received your reward by this point, please private message me for next steps and I'll help you out.

Additional copies

A limited quantity of additional copies of Twisty Little Passages are still available for retail purchase.  You can pick up a copy by clicking the "Buy Now" link at the top of the TLP KS campaign page or going to TLP's BackerKit store page:

Italian version

The Italian localized version is now complete!  As promised, all backers who have received a license to the digital print-and-play version, or who order the digital version, may now download a PDF of the Italian version alongside the English version on DriveThruRPG.  I'd like to provide a plug for Stefano Trivellato and his great work in providing a careful and excellent Italian translation.

Interview with Mike Rimer

I was honored to be invited to an episode of One Stop Co-op Shop's podcast, interviewing on the creative process in making Twisty Little Passages.  You can listen to the show here: 

Updates and Errata

Some updates have been made to TLP to clarify a couple play details and address unintended puzzle solutions. You can read about the changes in detail on the TLP forums on BoardGameGeek:

I'll keep this space current with any future updates.

The latest available version is 1.02a. The PDF of this version has been published on DriveThruRPG, which you may download if you have a digital license to TLP.

For those focusing on playing using the print version of TLP, it remains completely playable as-is, and you are welcome to apply these updates into your play as you progress through the puzzles, as you wish.

In parting...

As a bit of fun, consider this final section the unexpected propaganda of the month.  Wishing you to stay safe and healthy as we ride out the latter half of 2020 together!

Ren socially distances. Except when she doesn't. And that's when things can get dicey.

Masked Ren

Stay safe. Wear a mask!

Best wishes,


Twisty Little Passages rewards are being delivered!
about 4 years ago – Sun, Jun 14, 2020 at 01:23:41 AM

Without further ado...

Our fulfillment partners have received the books!

Books! And more books!

I'll share some more photos of an initial unboxing, sent to me by our fulfillment partner in the EU.

Unboxing a case of ten copies of TLP
The finished book. It looks beautiful!
Putting a copy of TLP in a book mailer
Ready to ship!

The book looks exactly as we envisioned!

One very minor issue: as you can see in one of the photos, a metal ring is bent slightly out of place on a copy.  This may be the case on your copy when you receive it.  This is an expected part of a worldwide shipping process and is easy to fix -- just gently bend the ring back into place, and everything should be good thereafter.  I don't anticipate any quality issues; just wanted to pass along this detail, as it was noted to me as books started shipping out from one fulfillment hub.


        First backer rewards and then pre-orders are being shipped out, as quickly as our partners can pack them.  I have heard from one lucky individual who posted a comment here that they have already received their copy.  I'm guessing they are situated close to an origin point!  I've tried to synchronize delivery inasmuch as such a thing is possible these days.  My expectations are that most backers will have orders delivered over the next week or two, depending on your location.

Add-on dry-erase pens have also been received by (or are passing through customs and will very soon to be in the hands of) our distribution partners.

I have heard there may be a customs hang-up in Australia, where one of our fulfillment partners resides. If you're in the APAC region, please be patient while this gets sorted out.  I've done all I can to keep things moving and want everyone to receive their reward as soon as possible.  APAC orders with a dry-erase pen add-on will be on hold until pens arrive at the warehouse, so the entire order can be sent out in a single package.  This might add a week or two to delivery, but I'm crossing my fingers it won't be that long.

I have yet to receive my own set of mass-produced (non-prototype) copies of TLP.  As soon as I do, which should be this upcoming week, I'll be making them available to those who selected a Local Pickup option.  If that's your selection, be on the lookout for an email from me.

        Electronic (print-and-play) version

The English e-version of TLP is also (practically) ready!  I'm publishing it through, which is a popular site for purchasing electronic and print-on-demand RPG manuals, games, resource and reference materials, and much, much more.  I've requested the site make TLP available for purchase, and I should be hearing back from them on that next week.

For those who are expecting an e-version as part of your reward or pre-order, I'm putting together the list of recipients for the site to send a link, which will be for your licensed reward copy.  Look for that over the next week.

I stand by the physical book being the recommended play experience, and if you're getting a book soon, I'd encourage you to wait till you get it in your hands to look through all the content in the book in person.  I know that's easy to say, and it's up to you, of course!

The Italian localized version is still underway and close to completion.  I'd say it's 80-85% complete at this point, and I hope to have it up on the site as well very soon.

Experiencing the book

I've received some glowing remarks from individuals who have seen the finished book.  At this point, I won't share those, because I'd like you to form your own fresh experience with TLP as you see and hold it for the first time. Hope you will find it was well worth the wait, and I'd love to hear about your experience!

What's next?

I'll post another update here once I've received confirmation that all rewards/pre-orders have been shipped out to everyone, everywhere around the globe.  After that point, if another couple weeks has gone by, and you still haven't heard or seen anything on your end, please contact me and I'll look into it. (Before that point, feel free to contact me as well, but if you're writing to ask about delivery, I'll likely tell you that you need to wait a bit longer to receive your reward.)

Once I have copies in-hand, I'll be sending out some review copies to spread the word about TLP.  If there's an online site or group that you think would be interested in reviewing TLP, let me know and I'll look into reaching out to them!

Nearing the end of this project, with the beginning of your experience with our creation, I'd like to express my thanks and gratitude one more time for your enthusiasm, support, and patience while our team crafted this unique puzzle game experience.  It is thanks in part to you that TLP exists.  As you see the book, remember that you were a part of it!

Wishing you the best,


Twisty Little Passages Shipped!
about 4 years ago – Wed, May 27, 2020 at 02:45:47 AM

Hi!  First off, I'm wishing you and your loved ones to be staying safe and healthy.  Hopefully things will be stabilizing soon.

This month, I have a quick few bits of news for Twisty Little Passages.

First, books have shipped!  They are most of the way across the ocean to their respective destinations. Last week, I was given to understand they should reach port in a couple weeks, and from there, it will be another week or so for them to clear customs and arrive at our distribution hubs.   (This could be overly optimistic, given how things are going these days, so please allow for some flexibility in this guidance I've been given.)  Also, for those who purchased the add-on, dry-erase pens have been air-mailed to our fulfillment partners to bundle together with books. After our partners receive these items, it should be another week or so for you to receive your reward in your hands.

Second, all shipping addresses have been finalized, batch exported, and provided to our fulfillment partners.  They will be using these addresses for delivery.

For those who selected a Local Pickup option, I'm going to wait and see what options manifest themselves next month, but fear not.  However that goes, I'll figure something out so you may receive your reward along with everyone else.  Worst case, I'll just be getting in contact with you to ship your reward out to your local address directly from our fulfillment partner.

Third, work proceeds on the e-versions.  We're more than halfway through preparing these. Though there's a good amount of work remaining on this part, we are still working to be on track with making the e-versions available about the same time that physical books are being delivered.

I'll plan to post the next update in 3-4 weeks, hopefully coinciding with the point that I have confirmation from our fulfillment partners that materials have arrived in their warehouses and are being shipped out!

-- Mike

Twisty Little Passages Update - Book Printing, Address Locking
about 4 years ago – Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 01:59:16 AM


Wishing you and your loved ones to stay healthy and safe in these unprecedented times.

Just a quick few updates on Twisty Little Passages.

Book Printing Nearing Completion

Copies of TLP are nearing mass print completion and will be shipped out soon.  Based on previous expectations, it will be 6-8 weeks for shipped copies to go through customs and arrive at our fulfillment hubs for individual delivery to backers.  With the way global circumstance is evolving these past couple months, it's still difficult to promise any kind of firm control over that schedule, but I can say I'm personally committed to do my part in managing the process from my end in a responsible and timely manner so you receive your copy as soon as possible.

Last Chance to Update your Shipping Address

At this point, as a backer, you may still change your reward delivery address.  This is the last week for you to make any changes to your shipping address for rewards that will be delivered in a couple months.

If needed, if you still have your BackerKit survey link, go there and you may update your delivery address.

If you don't have it, you may retrieve your link by entering your info here:

You should also be able to review your BackerKit survey to confirm your previously input delivery address.

I'll be locking making any further changes to delivery addresses on April 20.  On April 21, I'll be pulling the list of all provided addresses to pass along to our logistics partners for reward delivery.  Whatever shipping address is listed on your BackerKit survey at that point is where your reward will be sent.

Final Chance for Late Survey Responders

I've noticed a few backers still haven't filled out their survey, and I'm addressing this final paragraph to them.  Though technically past the survey deadline, I can give one last opportunity to fill it out before shipping begins.  If you fill out the BackerKit survey before April 20, I'll be able to earmark your reward and ensure it gets sent out with the rest.   Otherwise, I won't be able to have our logistics partners deliver it, so don't miss your chance!  (Otherwise, in the future, pending availability, you would be able to order a copy online wherever copies of TLP are sold, but you wouldn't be able to redeem any physical KS backer reward beyond April 20.)


Next month, I hope to provide an update that copies have been shipped out and logistics hubs are ready and waiting to receive them!



March update: Twisty Little Passages moving ahead to print production!
over 4 years ago – Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 03:14:36 AM

Hope you and your loved ones are doing well.  In these unprecedented times, it helps me to see some things are still going as expected.  First off, I'd like to share the happy news that I've received the physical print proof pages from PrintNinja.  They look great!

Physical Print Proof

For offset printing, a full-sized print sheet with eight book pages on it is produced, and then the individual pages are sliced apart for actual book collation.  Here I am below, excitedly unrolling the proof sheets with some selected pages.  The proofs are of the same paper type and finish that the final production version will have.  Paper quality feels very nice and sturdy, and coloring and detail is just as I expected.

Mike with TLP Print Proof Pages

Final fixes

After careful scrutiny of the proof sheets, I caught a couple minor aesthetic issues that one probably wouldn't notice unless you were looking for them on a physical page.  So, it was good to have this opportunity to address those issues and confirm the print will look beautiful.  I fixed these issues and confirmed the changes in a new proof.  I'm feeling good about the state of the book.  It's ready to move to production!

Entering production

I've just approved this latest version of the book to move ahead to production!  This is a joyous moment.  The print run will be produced over the next few weeks.  After that, palettes will be prepared for shipping and handed off to our fulfillment partners.

Given that these are uncertain times, but barring nothing much more severe happens to the world than the state we're in today, I'd still expect we are looking at a June delivery window.  I anticipate sharing news sometime next month that printing is completed and shipments have gone out.

Stay healthy and safe!