Twisty Little Passages

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August update for Twisty Little Passages
over 1 year ago – Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 04:45:46 PM


For those in the US, I hope you were able to enjoy a good holiday weekend.  This is the (belated) August update for Twisty Little Passages.  As they say, "no news is good news".  We are progressing well and on schedule, with chapter four being wrapped up and now we're starting in on chapter five.  There are six chapters in all, so this means that over two-thirds of the content in the book is finalized now.  It's turning out great and I'm excited by the expectation to have the production-ready material completed in the next couple months or so.

Well, I do have some bits of news I could share; it's mostly about what's going on "behind the curtain" -- the parts you don't normally see but have to happen to make a launch run smoothly.  I've registered ISBN codes for the book in its various formats so it can be put up for retail after publication and I'm getting all that data recorded.  I've formalized our relationship with our US logistics provider and have everything set up there for them to receive inventory as soon as it's printed and shipped.  I also have the same process getting set up for their CA, EU and AU hub counterparts.

I've received some new laminated page samples from PrintNinja that let me test more fully how well pages can be marked on and cleaned with various dry-erase markers.  For instance, I'm running an long-term test with different color markers that I began on August 12, observing how completely and easily the markings can be wiped off after leaving the color on the page for various lengths of time.

After two days of leaving dry-erase marker on a laminated page, then wiping some off...
After two weeks of leaving dry-erase marker on the page, then wiping it off...

In the second photo, you can see that the markings for the first days and weeks have come off completely.  I'm pleased to validate dry-erase markers can be wiped off the page cleanly, even after leaving it sitting on the page for weeks.

With the brands of markers recommended in the project FAQ (e.g., ProMarx or Expo), I've been able to take a tissue or paper towel and completely rub off all markings without staining, etc, even after leaving it on for multiple days.  It does take some elbow grease after having left the marker on the page for more than a few days, but it still comes off cleanly.  You don't need to apply water or liquid (hence "dry-erase"), and I'd probably recommend against doing so, especially if you just drew on the page that same day.

I can't vouch for other brands of dry-erase pens, which might not work as cleanly as the ones I recommend. If you're procuring your own dry-erase markers, please either obtain one of these recommended brands or test yours out first in some inconspicuous spots once you receive the book to ensure they'll come off cleanly as you play.

(In case you're wondering, the finished TLP book isn't going to have a spiral binding like the one visible in the first picture; it will have a dual-wire binding, as previously described on the main KS campaign page.  This is just a sample book I received from PrintNinja with the same kind of paper and glossy lamination that I will expect the finished book to feature, which has been nice to test out personally.)

That's it for August.  I anticipate checking in again after September with the expectation of reporting that we're about done with chapter five and starting in on chapter six, the final chapter.

Have a great month!


Edit: P.S. Oh, I almost forgot to mention -- about 90% of backers have now completed their pledge manager survey and submitted their selections and shipping address.  If you've already submitted your survey, thank you!  You'll be getting charged soon for any shipping fee and add-ons.  Please remember you can still update your shipping address at any time up till the point that I lock down addresses to send out your reward copies.

If you haven't filled out the survey you received from BackerKit yet, you still have a couple months or so, but I'd recommend getting to it soon so you don't forget.  I won't be able to send you out your copy of the book if you don't fill out the survey, and you can always update your shipping address after initially submitting the survey.  Thanks!

BackerKit Pledge Manager Surveys for Twisty Little Passages being sent
over 1 year ago – Fri, Aug 02, 2019 at 03:06:57 AM


As you may recall, we are using Backerkit as a post-campaign pre-order & pledge management platform for Twisty Little Passages.

Thanks for your patience as we worked to get everything set up in this area.  BackerKit has now approved our pledge manager configuration and we are in the process of sending out backer survey emails over the next day or two.  Please check your email spam/junk folder if you haven't received an email from BackerKit by the weekend.

As a backer, BackerKit will have a record of your Kickstarter pledge level and amount.  Via your survey, you will be able to provide your shipping address (if applicable), order add-ons, get additional copies of the book (with additional copies having reduced shipping!) to continue to support indie puzzle design by, e.g., giving TLP as a gift.

If you ordered a "special credit" pledge level, you will be asked how you'd like your name featured in the credits.

If you pledged for more than one copy, this is the point where you need to select the number of copies you pledged for.

Feel free to go through the survey now or whenever you're ready.  At any time over the course of the next few months, while we complete production of the book, you will be able to change your shipping address in Backerkit up until the point we are getting ready ship.  At that point, I'll send out an update to inform you that we're ready to lock in your shipping address and provide a deadline for making shipping address updates.  At this deadline, you will no longer be able to make changes to your provided address.

Local Pickup Option

For those who wanted to pick up rewards directly from me in person, I've made that option available: just select "Local Pickup" as your destination country, and I'll know to keep your book(s) on hand, and you will need to pick it up directly from me.  I can't get completely free shipping for this option, as I'll need to have the books shipped to me from the distribution center, but it will get you a reduced shipping cost, as I can have these copies shipped to me in bulk.

If you have any questions along the way, like something in the survey doesn't make sense, please feel free to ask about it here and I'll respond asap.

Thanks again for being a part of this journey!



Twisty Little Passages - July Project Updates
over 1 year ago – Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 01:26:08 AM


I have a good amount of project news, and I hope you've been having a great month of July.

We continue to have strong momentum on our end. Our team has been actively working on Twisty Little Passages most every day and having a good time with it.  I've been looking forward to sharing the details.

First off, our team had one change.  About the time of last update, George Patsouras had an employment change, which left him no time to work on the project going forward.  The change was unexpected, and it was sad for me to see George go, but the good news is that VShane has enthusiastically stepped up to pick up the slack, and I'm glad to say we are still on schedule to be ready for production (printing) by the end of the year.  Everyone on the team has been leaning into the project and making great things happen.  I see it coming together and looking better each day.

At this point, we have nearly all material for the third chapter finalized and are now starting into the final art for the fourth (out of six total chapters).  If I were to put a progress bar on where we are in the total overall effort, I'd say we are collectively past 75% complete, which is great!

Stretch goal progress

Alternative exit paths for unlocking the secret bonus areas have been designed and integrated into the pre-existing puzzles. The second bonus puzzle has been designed and is being play tested.  As touched on during the campaign, it introduces some base ingredients that can be combined in essentially alchemical ways to produce various effects, which is different and fun, and I'm feeling good about how it has turned out.

The meta-puzzle has also been designed and incorporated into the book.  It provides a completely different kind of puzzle then all the rest, and I think it will be a satisfying experience for those looking for a fresh riddle spanning the entire book. No spoilers on exactly what it is.  The puzzles in this book steadily ramp up in difficulty and become quite challenging by the end, and if you can solve them all, I'm confident you will be able to figure out the meta-puzzle yourself!


At this point, nearly all the pages for the book are completely laid out, and I'm expecting TLP to come in at just over 100 pages.  As planned, it's going to be a solid collection of dungeon crawl puzzles with a great amount of variety in mechanics, game elements, setting, enemies and solutions that we will be proud to publish. It's rare to be able to say that a unique type of puzzle is being set to print, and our team is excited and enthusiastic about being able to create this novel play experience. Oh, and last, but not least, the Italian translation of the print-and-play version is proceeding apace and is looking great as well!

What's next

In August, I expect our team will continue forward along the same trajectory, spending time putting together the assets for the fourth chapter and then starting in on the fifth. The path forward is clear and we simply need to execute on our plans and design.

Thanks for your patience as we work on Twisty Little Passages, and I'll plan to provide another update on progress at the end of next month!



Pre-orders for Twisty Little Passages now available! Project updates!
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Jun 22, 2019 at 10:33:30 PM


If you missed the Kickstarter campaign for Twisty Little Passages and were unable to make a pledge, retail pre-orders are now available!

You can use this link to place a pre-order, and I've also added the pre-order store link at the top of the TLP campaign page.

The physical and digital versions of the book are being temporarily discounted about 10-15% from retail to serve those who missed the campaign.

If you made a campaign pledge, you don't need to do anything yet.  Later on in the year, when we're close to printing, you will be sent out a post-campaign survey from BackerKit, our pledge manager, in which you will be able to select add-on items to include in your reward shipment at that point.

Clarification: pre-order copies will include all unlocked bonus and stretch goals.

Any questions, please ask here in the comments!

Project progress

Also wanted to provide a quick update on how the project is progressing.  There's good news that we're making steady progress, at the pace we had planned, and currently nothing is blocking our momentum.  The Chapter Two puzzle maps are now fully illustrated and we're moving on to the art and final production for Chapter Three.

One of the two stretch goal bonus puzzles has been designed, and it will be hooked in as a secret level to Chapter Three that you will need to unlock by completing some special challenges in those areas.

There are six chapters of puzzles in all, so about one-third of the total book content has been completed and is production-ready at this point.

I anticipate providing another update around the end of July.  Till then, wish us luck in our progress, and I wish you a great month!

Best regards,

Mike Rimer

Thank you for an amazing campaign!
almost 2 years ago – Fri, Jun 14, 2019 at 02:19:27 AM

The Twisty Little Passages campaign has come to a successful conclusion!

First off, I'd like to thank you for an amazing campaign!  It's been a joy to witness the community come together in friendship and support of this new creation, especially in the final days.  I appreciate your pledge and value the feedback that's been given to help this fresh, new puzzle game book shine.  I am full of gratitude for the opportunity to take the seed of this creative effort and grow it into something glorious and amazing.

What have we accomplished during the campaign?

We've unlocked five bonus/stretch goals, including adding the following upgrades to the book:

* A world map

* Two bonus puzzles

* A materials upgrade of the paper to heavy-duty 10 pt card stock glossy laminated pages

* And a secret meta-puzzle!

We will also make a digital version available, which all physical book backers will receive a copy of for free!

Now, here's where the real work begins for our team! :)

I'd like Twisty Little Passages to be a book that you have a lot of fun with, are proud to own, and enjoy sharing with others.

As we work to that end, I will provide periodic updates to keep you informed as we reach each milestone along our creative path.  This will help you know what to expect and get a feel for timing.  Please feel free to ask questions and provide input and feedback along the way.  Our projects have always flourished as we collaborate with the community, and your thoughts are appreciated!

The next immediate task on my radar is to work with BackerKit, our pledge manager, to bring our post-campaign order management site online.  I'll begin work on this, and I'll post an update as soon as the site is available for selecting add-ons and placing additional orders.  Later on, closer to the time when we print the book at our manufacturer and get ready for shipment, BackerKit will help us collect mailing addresses from everyone who has pledged for one or more physical copies. This will help ensure delivery addresses are correct and current.  Shipping will also be collected about that time via BackerKit.  After that point, copies of Twisty Little Passages will be shipped to our logistics hubs, and from there delivered to you!

I'm sure there will be much more to talk about along the way, but this serves as an initial outline for what to expect next and later along the way.  Meanwhile, if any questions arise, please ask!

Thank you again for a wonderful campaign!

-- Mike